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New York Post Sitcom Puns – Celebrity Edition

As with all the puns I’ve ever come up with, these ones are a stretch. But a lovable stretch that makes me the semi-brain-damaged, adorable punstress you love. Right?

Sometimes what people need is a push, some encouragement, to attain their goals. A life coach, perhaps? And who better to motivate than country music star Faith Hill. Watch as she turns lives around in Faith-Based Initiatives. On Pax Network. If the Pax Network still exists. Which I’m not sure about.

Remember when Aaron Neville sang about “The touch, the feel of cotton, the fabric of our lives”? Well, he’s not the only musician schilling for fabric! Drug-loving Depeche Mode frontman Dave Gahan loves man-made polyester so much that he wrote a song about it. VH1 Classic presents the hourlong reality special about the making his Poly-Love Song in Gahan, But Not For Cotton.

What happens when you put Marlee Matlin, Donald Trump and George Hamilton in an Easthampton beach house with 12 underprivileged kids who desperately need to learn trigonometry? That would be the heartwarming and fascinating Bravo show Sign, Co-Sign and Tan Gent.

Falwell that End’s Well

R.I.P. Jerry Falwell. You died just as you lived – of heart failure. I hope your afterlife is filled with musical theatre, actor-waiters, Lifetime Movie Network and New York Sports Club steam rooms.