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I should have titled it “Help!”

I wonder if Van Gogh or Picasso ever went through awkward phases. I don’t even mean Blue periods, I mean, were they dorky teens? Did their artistic outlet serve them, not just because they were pimpled and single, but because they were passionate about whatever the equivalent of Nirvana was in 1898?
I am submitting some new material for Mortified and in going through my stories, poetry and journals, I found the cache of high school art that I was once so proud of and which represented my tortured 15-year-old self. There was a silver-foiled scratch rendering of a Buddha in chains (Free Tibet, y’all!), a self-portrait as seen in the convex side of a spoon (because my soul was distorted, y’all!) and continuous line drawing of a lacrosse stick (cradle that ball, y’all!). But the piece de resistance was the giant (at least 2 feet by 3 feet) watercolor and ink rendering of the Beatles in a tree, framed by a Technicolor setting sun entitled “Within You, Without You” because it was just that awesome (don’t tell mom the baby sitar’s dead, y’all!).

It's art, man

A closer look, you ask for? But of course. Pointillist John, Paul, George and Ringo, a way in which you hopefully never have seen them, nor ever will again.

Meet the Beatles

I’ve posted this for Amy Lou from sewing at Brooklyn General, I hope it meets her expectations.