This Post: Strong to the Finich

Last month, Roommate Jeff’s mom, sister and 5-year-old nephew came to visit. Last week while sitting on our couch, Roommate Jeff pulled a bendy, rubber Popeye toy out of the couch cushion and despite our recent child visitor asked “Is this yours??”. It gave us a real chuckle.
Especially since I would never lose my bendy rubber Popeye doll in the couch.

Ahhhh ga ga ga ga!


  1. I recommend pulling up the couch cushions after every guest visit. You never know what treasure may be left behind. I don’t believe you’re obligated to return lost couch goodies, but it’s nice to know who it came from.

    Whenever I sit on someone else’s couch, I want to lift the cushions and see what’s hiding below. Too many people leave the bounty to pile up until they move.

    It’s a shame.

    PS I like your Sam Brown header. Exploding Dog is the best.

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