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Tel- Aviv to Haifa ‘nother Beer-Sheba, it’s Arad with me.

This post might better serve Glennis’ and my advertising blog but it’s JUST. TOO. GOOD. to not tell my broadest (?) audience (?).

Have you seen these ads for Israel? There’s a montage of swimming pools, beaches, historic temples, hotels, beaches, horses, beaches…and then the tag comes up “Go Israel!”… “Who knew?”

It is the best thing ever ever. Since pretty much every New Yorker, not just tourists who shop in Chinatown, owns an “I Heart NY” shirt or tote, obviously there’s plenty to say about the wonders of positive PR. But “Who Knew?” kills me every time. I’m pretty sure that the PR people are winking at us with that tag (I wonder if this commercial is being show all over the country, or just in heavily Jewish populated areas? I guess Israel already has the support it needs in Jewish-heavy areas like NYC, so maybe it IS being shown all over to make more people aware…but still, I can’t help but think that NY is the main target for this since we tend to be cultural beacons and taste-makers and whatnot. Humbly cultural and taste-makey, of course. We will make Israel the new Hamptons!)

But honestly, and I’m not racist or Anti-Semitic (just ask Becky, who made sure I was well versed in the goings on within the Jewish community in Worcester, MA by bringing me to Purim and getting me a keychain that says “Falafel! Official Snack of Israel” so I’d have cred) but on the train this morning, Roommate Jeff and I couldn’t stop coming up with other alternate taglines that might have been passed over in the brainstorm that could have been just as appealing.

Go Israel! I been going since I’m nine.
Go Israel! Better than Cats!
Go Israel! You hold the key to our lox.
Go Israel! I know a nice doctor!
Go Israel! A little shmear of heaven.
Go Israel! J.C.C. what we’re up to!

New Yorkers! Offending foreign culture one stereotype at a time!