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Deus Ex Quote Machina

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Have we all seen the new Sarah Jessica Parker perfume commercial for Covet? Her greatest comedic role to date, I think. The kicking, the French, it’s all good, but then she gets the Crazy Eyes at the end and it makes me howl with delight. It’s so weird! There’s also a perfume-related contest where you have to search for clues and read stuff online and try to solve a crime and free Sarah from jail and then possibly win things, it’s all very complicated and I never do online games like that, but the commercial compels me to check it out because I’m so put-off that I’m put-on. It’s here: The Case of the Coveted Bottle.

Oy, after checking the site out myself, it turns out you have to check the site weekly to uncover clues until October 15. To knowingly start something that means so little to me and lasts so long might grate on the nerves a bit. (Insert joke about: Relationships! Or College! Or a blog!) But I’ll still probably do it because lord knows I love SJP. Ever since L.A Story, she had me at Big S, small a, small n, Big D, small e, Big E and then a * at the end. I loved colonic-loving SanDeE*. Anyway, for your viewing pleasure:

It makes up her previous perfume, Lovely, whose print ads were anything but. Once again, a touch of the Crazy Eyes, but in a bad way:


Not good.