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Back to Black. Like, Me.

It’s been so long since I just posted random crap about my favorite things: tv, movies and how other people’s success sickens me. Maybe I never posted about that last one, but I sure think about it a lot.

I kid though, the only success that makes me mad is that of people I don’t actually like (you know who you are, 99.999% of the world!). I am thrilled that Former Roommate Jeff has been having some success lately in his career – he might not tell you this himself but he is currently doing business as the official “Snickers Pilgrim” for the Snickers commercials, a “Not THAT kind of German Shepherd!” German Shepherd in the Amex commercials (the TINA FEY Amex commercial, that is) and the “The Wedge” guy in the T-Mobile Blackberry commercials. AND he is currently filming a movie with a guy you might have heard of named Ricky Gervais. Maybe I am not supposed to be saying all of this? Sorry! But that’s the point of being a performer, right? To be seen? So if you haven’t seen him, keep an eye out. Also, his other co-star in the Ricky Gervais film is Alan Ruck, probably known to the 25-34 year old demographic as hypochondriac Cameron Frye, of the Chicago Frye’s, a family known for their museum-like home filled with antique cars that tempt best friends named Ferris. Needless to say, I mentioned to Jeff that a) I am very pleased for him and b) please explain that fry-cook on Venus line to me from the movie because I could have sworn it was “He’s gonna be a fry-cook AT Venus” which doesn’t make sense but neither does “he’s going to be a fry-cook ON Venus” c) I could only be more jealous of him if he sang a karaoke duet of “The Lonely Goatherd” with Julie Andrews. Secretly I am pleased because just knowing Jeff means I personally am about 2 degrees of separation from all of A-list Hollywood. But I swear if he meets Julie Andrews, so help me, I will be upset if I don’t get a call telling me when and where I can randomly “bump into” the two of them with my cameraphone and celebrity autograph book.

Next on my agenda of things is now that there’s a writer’s strike, I figure I’ll give my opinion on the new fall season of shows. Because I have some time to breathe and catch up on the shows, ya know? You’ve been waiting for it, right? Here’s the list of new shows I have been watching, in chronological order of when they air during the week:

Chuck – I was sold on the pilot, despite TV Watching Companion’s constant outbursts of “This is why I effing hate McG!” Which I could understand, the rapid-fire action sequence, the too-cool-for-school rock soundtrack, it’s sensory overload at times. But this week’s episode which I shall call “Fool Me Bryce, Shame on Me”, was like, The Bryce Myth, we find out some Chuck and Bryce backstory with help from Oasis’ “Don’t Look Back in Anger”, the song that actually makes me like Oasis. I also appreciate that in a world full of serialized TV shows that you must follow from start to finish, I doubt I will feel bad or lost if I miss an episode of Chuck.

How I Met Your Mother – I only started watching it this summer in reruns, so it’s LIKE it’s new to me, and if you aren’t familiar with Crazy Eyes or DoWiSeTrePla by now, you’re missing out on maybe the best sitcom on TV. The best sitcom that isn’t 30 Rock. I would have said “30 Rock or The Office” but The Office’s hourlong episodes earlier this year have worked against them. Too much bearded Ryan. Not a good thing.

Aliens in America – Watched the pilot episode because it was free on iTunes and I had just bought a video iPod. Stopped after the pilot, due in no part to the poor quality of the show, I just have no idea when it actually airs. In my blog-research, I now see that it’s on on Mondays. I was amused but could see signs of lessons being taught at the end of every episode and I could do without that. I’m already mostly tolerant of the .oo1% of people who I actually like (see above re: the 99.999% of people I do not like), so I don’t need lessons.

Cavemen – I was not opposed to the concept of the show when I first heard it. There’s something about the line delivery of “I’ll have the roast duck with mango salsa” followed by “I don’t have much of an appetite, thank you” that sold me on these guys early on. That plus the fact that I could watch smug, snooty characters all day long makes it even better. Thanks to Nick Kroll, I get to watch smug at least 30 minutes a week. This show is seriously funny. I’m sorry if this offends you or makes you question my taste. This show also coined my new favorite phrase “Fart off, airhole!” so it’s a winner.

Cane – Cannot watch. Will not watch. Too. Many. Sugar. Puns.

Bones – Again, not new, but new to me and as far as CSI-type procedurals go, it’s not bad. TV Watching Companion wins this round – I was a hard sell and he convinced me to watch. If you don’t watch, here’s an interesting fact – the chick’s NAME is BONES. That struck me as weird, but cute, but mostly weird.

Reaper – Killed it after the pilot. Too much like Chuck but also, the best friend who is doing a Jack Black impression from 10 years ago was beyond aggravating.

Pushing Daisies – Love it! When Gilmore Girls was on, I wanted to live in Stars Hollow. With Pushing Daisies, I want to live in Coeur d’Couers and eat pie all day long. And I want to be able to dress in poufy skirts and wear kerchiefs in my hair and have giant sunglasses. New trend alert! I don’t care if the show can be overly cute, I am overly joyed with it.

Back to You – Killed it after the pilot. There comes a point in every sitcom actor’s life where you know they could retire to Margaritaville and live off their millions of dollars in residuals (Frasier is on at 11pm on both the CW and Lifetime, that’s channels 11 and 12 in NYC, so if you’re flipping through channels it’s news-news-news-frasier-frasier-news…) and yet they continue to “want to work” and honestly, it helps no one and hurts everyone. I watched the pilot long enough to know the wacky twist in the plot – Frasier and Mrs. Everbody Loves Raymond used to date 10 years ago, now they work together and she has a 10-year-old daughter so YOU DO THE MATH. I did the math and when I turned by calculator upside down, the numbers spelled POOP.

Gossip Girl – Watched three episodes. Had to stop. I loved The O.C. but in my lifetime I think I can only take so much episodic programming about wealthy kids with problems. However, I can appreciate that by casting tall girls I get to see an array of really cute flats on network TV (first Marissa Cooper, now Serena van der Fakedutchname) that I am not otherwise exposed to on other stylish shows. My sensible, sensitive arches thank you!

There you have it, my fall recap, where I find fault only in a few shows (though I have avoided the Bionic Woman and Kid Nation and I’m a little sad I didn’t even bother with Viva Laughlin ) and am generally pleased with the state of television…now that the strike means I will not be seeing any of these shows again for months and months.