The Project Runway Season 4 Drinking Game

Things have changed this season on the runway…not necessarily for better or worse, but let’s see…Tim Gunn no longer works at Parsons, he headlines his own show and his catch phrases are now almost exclusively used by contestants (in the form of chalkboard messages). Everyone lives at Gotham, not Atlas. All male models used for a male sportswear challenge – unheard of. But alas we still have bitches, crazies and queens. Hence, a drinking game to reflect the subtle metamorphosis that the show has obviously undergone.

Take 1 sip if:
Ricky cries because he is stressed or overwhelmed.
Christian makes reference to his superiority or non-boringness.
Sweet P wears her bangs up.
Kevin With the Shakespearean Backstreet Boy facial hair mentions that he’s not gay.
Nina Garcia says “You really thought about it”.
Someone makes a vest.

Take 2 sips if:
Ricky cries for no apparent reason.
Sweet P wears her bangs down.
Tim Gunn obviously refrains from saying “Make it work” in favor of a synonymous phrase that’s less catchy.
Steven makes a sarcastic comment while squinting.
Elisa mentions or does yoga.
Nina Garcia says “Hola” instead of “Hi, guys”.
Victorya makes something with a flower or rosette on it.
Tim Gunn mentions that the winning outfit of a given challenge MAY be manufactured or worn…but then again maybe not.
Heidi offers more scathing criticism of the runway than usual.

Take 3 sips if:
Jillian or her outfit remind you of that girl in your dorm from Long Island who had a Dooney and Bourke bag and flat ironed her hair once a week.
Seeing Chris makes you pine for Jay McCarroll.
Bravo inserts a faux-Massive-Attack song into any scene.
Elisa mentions being from another planet.
Ricky wears a hat that looks a little Holly Hobby.
Michael Kors says something on the runway looks a little Holly Hobby.

Chug if:
Michael Kors says “The crotch on those pants is insane”.
Michael Kors says something looks a little too Mother of the Bride.
Michael Kors refers to any sitcom starring Bea Arthur.

    • jeff
    • November 29th, 2007

    Also: three sips when Bravo kicks the faux-Knight Rider music.

    • Jill
    • January 10th, 2008

    How about 2 sips every time Christian says something is “fierce” haha.

  1. December 6th, 2007

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