Happy Hall-and-Oates-idays!

Last night we went to the Hall and Oates Home for Christmas Show at the Beacon Theatre. Hall and Oates and Fairway Supermarket and Christmas cheer, all spread onto one tiny block – you’d think I was in heaven. Alas it was not to be. People of New York, what is wrong with you? You guys ruined Christmas. Or, ok, I’m a forgiving person, you ruined the night of December 11. NO one in this audience knew that H&O would be playing mostly holiday tunes. There was booing. There were taunting, guttural screams of “Come ON, Daryl!”. The ladies sitting next to me (I could have sworn they were from Jersey, but I’ve come to realize I can’t decipher a Jersey accent from a Long Island one, but thanks to watching My Super Sweet 16, I can most definitely tell a Staten Island one) kept throwing their hands up and screeching “Oh Moy Gawd, anuthah one?” when Hall started in on “It Came Upon a Midnight Clear”. This was a crowd that wanted to hear “Maneater” 30 times.


I wrote it up for New York and was THISCLOSE to just making my review a public apology to the band. Daryl Hall even said at the end “We uh…Just wanted to do something different. So…Thanks.” Sad! I have never left a show feeling bad for the musicians, but the concentration of ignoramuses skewed heavy at the Beacon Theater last night and left me Scroogey.



All photos are by my crowd-tolerating companion Jeff Kocan.

    • ADS
    • December 15th, 2007

    While the show was billed as Home for Christmas, I feel stiffed by Hall & Oates. I attended the show and paid good money to hear Hall & Oates. Not Christmas covers. Three Christmas jingles would have been fine, but an entire set? No way. I can hear these covers by on my own by multiple artists at any time. The audience was absolutey right to be upset. Basically, I left feeling that H & O simply want to sell their new and unoriginal album and don’t care about their audience. The irony of the show was that their extremely short set of originals was wonderful. However, the audience was STIFFED.

    • Loren
    • December 18th, 2007

    I was also at that concert and agree with you completely- If someone is a fan, or even has an open mind, they should be willing to have an accomplished artist go in a different direction for awhile. Haven’t they earned that? They played consistently- how many diva concerts feature nothing but backing tracks and costume changes? How many people happily scream over Justin Timberlake’s indulgent beat-boxing tangents? Hall and Oates could sing the phone book well, and it was pretty inspring to see two people who have had ups and downs singing toghther beautifully. I saw them about ten years ago and there was more on-stage tension between them, it was nice to see a positive change. The jerk screaming “Maneater” was a few rows behind me and, like you, I felt terrible, cringing, like actually apologizing to the band. On the show “Extras” Ricky Gervais’s character can’t escape the catch phrase he coined on a sitcom- its unbelieavable that Hall and Oates have created so much more than that and run the risk of being limited by their supposed fans. I hope it isn’t really discouraging for them.

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