Blogger stickers

I was on the subway today thinking about the hypothetical blog I keep in my head – I’ve been wanting to start it for months and it would be called “Friends Who Dress Alike” and it would be pictures of just that – random candid pictures of all the strangers I see on a daily basis who prove their compatibility to the outside world by (coincidentally or not) dressing alike. Glennis and I tend to own a lot of the same clothes so I get it. Usually one of us sees a shirt at Strawberry or H&M and buys one for ourself and eventually the other one sees the exact same shirt and buys it 2 days later. Once we even started a game (a hilarious but quickly dropped game) where she went to H&M on her lunch break, saw a shirt she liked, and then an hour later on my lunch break I went to H&M to see if I could tell which shirt it was. I kept saying “This is so funny, I KNOW I will get it right because we ALWAYS have the same taste. We are such good friends. This game is simple! Ha!” “Denim collarless tunic” I smugly texted after spotting the first “Glennis-like” top I saw. “Try again ‘friend’,”she replied. Ouch. That was a game that we haven’t resumed, but that’s just because there are too many shirts at H&M.

So anyway, my blog about the ladies who shop in tandem while wearing sweat suits, or the girls in Sephora who both have brown Uggs and puffy jackets just hasn’t materialized, but only because I don’t carry my camera with me every day and even if I did, I wouldn’t have the guts to take pictures of strangers. But it’s something to think about! Now that I have planted the seed, see how many Friends Who Dress Alike you spot!

That also made me think that maybe I don’t need another blog – I tend to ignore the ones I currently have (this one and my pretty-much-defunct other two). But if I did have two, the caption for my second one would be something hilarious (as all my ideas are) like “My Other Blog is a Broom!”. So of course that made me look up other potential bumper stickers that could be turned into Blogger Stickers and there are some real beauts here like:

Are You As Close To Jesus As You Are To My Bumper?
Ted Kennedy’s Car Has Killed More People Than My Gun!
Welcome to America, Now Speak English
Save the Earth – It’s the Only Planet with Chocolate!
(did someone steal that from a Cathy comic?)

That site is endless fun. My other hypothetical blog would just be changing those sayings to a more hip, with-it version like:

Some Village in Texas is Missing it’s BLOG!
Only a BLOG Could Turn a Terrorist Into A Victim!
Hang up and BLOG!

2008, baby. Wait for it.

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