More Christmas Funtimes

Singer-Songwriter-Appreciating Companion and I have been busy! On top of Decking our Halls and Oates, we had the good fortune to see Aimee Mann’s 2nd Annual Christmas Show on Friday (Read my recap about it HERE!). Friends, it was awesome. Feel-good holiday times abounded. Paul F. Tompkins of television’s Best Week Ever is my new favorite be-suited comedian (no, not Bee-Suited Comedian). And we rediscovered the joy of Ben Lee and were shocked and awed in a good way by Josh Ritter. I guess I never gave Josh Ritter a chance because his name sounded like John Ritter and I figured we had a Colin Hanks situation on our hands. Not so! He’s great! For serious.

If the show comes to your city, run to the local amphitheatorium to see it.

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