2008 is Bullseye

Happy New Year!

On New Year’s Eve, I coined the next big affirmative phrase, “That’s so bullseye”, thanks to two glasses of champagne and a few minutes playing Wii Darts. Feel free to make it famous but remember you heard it here first.

It’s my first day back at work since December 20th and I’m pretty sure 50% of my company is not here so it’s still pretty vacationy. The only difference is that instead of doing a whole lotta nothing at home while shoveling Milk Duds and Reese’s Peanut Butter Christmas Trees in my face, I’m doing a whole lotta nothing while resolving to eat better (hence a lunch of chick pea salad -the Reese’s Trees are currently being mulched in my colon. Please, like it’s honestly your first poop joke of the year?)

Multi Media Viewing Companion and I saw Sweeney Todd before Christmas (Two Severed Thumbs Up!) and we almost watched the entire series of Veronica Mars, go us! We’re still waiting on Netflix for the last of Season 3. Highly recommended if anyone has two weeks to kill and NOTHING else to do. We also watched The Big Lebowski yesterday and most of Robocop. I had never seen either before (I say I like the Coen Brothers, but when it comes down to it, I haven’t actually seen 80% of their movies and the ones I have seen, while undoubtedly well-made, just aren’t my thing, sorry The Dude). And well, Robocop is pretty hilarious. I told Jeff while we were watching that it’s a movie that needs to be re-shot scene for scene by the cast of The State. I know we already have Reno 911, but Robocop has about 4 parts that Ken Marino should play, should he choose to go the Eddie Murphy-multiple-character route. (P.S. Ken Marino is in Veronica Mars, did you know that? I didn’t! I know, I’m late to the VMars game, as always I buck trends, but you should watch it! If more of us watched it when it was actually on, maybe they would not have canceled it! Oops!) But the reason we watched Robocop in the first place was that as a result of this writer’s strike and/or that it was a holiday, there was nothing else except (no joke) the American MAGIC AWARDS to watch. (If there was no strike, would that have been televised?)

Anyway, even though I quit the gym in December I resolved to be healthier, plus I will read more books so that I will get smarter in the new year. Oh, hey! I just realized I could have read instead of watching Robocop! Oh well! Here’s to more productive use of hindsight in ’08! And don’t forget to keep rockin’ with your bullseye selves in the new year.

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