Just Gotta Dance

My good pals Glennis and Marcy started this thing a while back where ladies could go dance to hits of yesterday and today on Sunday afternoons, ‘neath the glow of a disco ball while wearing (nothing but) leg warmers. At first it was just for them and their friends to get some exercise and listen to cool tunes, but then they put the word out, strangers started showing up and it was a full-fledged THING.

An exercisey, dance party where people could do the Robot and the Roger Rabbit, or if you’re like me, you’d go and pretend you were the “Low Impact Aerobic Guy” from those old exercise shows where one person was always “takin’ it easy” but still on his feet and wearing a sweatband. It was kinda like Curves if the music on in the background at Curves was Jay-Z and M.I.A. and The Blow and Debbie Gibson (pretty sure that Glennis had made that very mix at one point or another). But also totally not Curves because cool New York ladies actually, you know, GO there.

Dance Dance Party Party, or DDPP as we in the know call it, has grown and it’s in a buncha cities all over the place (Providence! Austin! LA! Chicago!) – if you live in one of them, you should totally go.

(Get it? Dee Dee Pee Pee)

Long live Glennis and Marcy!

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