Sister Christian, I Wish Your Time Had Come

Every single thing Christian on Project Runway does bugs me and it’s like episode after episode, the bugginess of it all gets more exponential. Last night’s Oscar Wilde meets Gordon Gartrelle (…Denise Huxtable, anyone?) look was the end of it for me.



After winning last night’s challenge, when he walked into the little waiting room and did a “Giiiiirl, I’m fierce!” hand flap/slap/snap I wanted to take a hot hair straightener to his baby soft 22-year-old face. Tssssss!

He wants to be the next big thing but the problem is that something is ever-so-slightly off. He doesn’t have the likeability that Jay McCarroll or Fat Chris have and, try as he might, the soundbites he comes up with are just not quotable (for all the bile I spewed about Santino, in the end he gave us “What happened to Andre?” and redeemed himself completely). I’m not running off to be like “Bwaaahahah, a drag queen named Ferosh!” because…meh, even I could come up with Ferosh.

So yeah, as much as I understand the judges criticism of everyone’s work last night (loved Chris’ dress, wanted it to win, but we all know it’s too similar to the one a few weeks ago), I don’t get the look Christian came up with and I get even less how the judges could find it wearable. Sorry but the one time I wore a ruffly white shirt out in public, people made Seinfeld references all night. It’s a look that has been ruined, sorry to say. The only way his look would be cohesive is if there were two more like-minded Musketeers who also happened to have gotten mugged.

I obviously can’t call this show very well because back on episide one I really liked Simone …I have no knack for predicting, what can I say. One thing I do know for sure though is that Christian will never stop bothering me.

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