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Captain Cave, Man

Last night Music Loving Companion and I went to the PLUG Awards at Terminal 5. (I was reviewing it for NYM. As I’m learning, editors seem to have final say over your words so a lot of this is stuff that I didn’t exactly write, but it feels whiny to harp on that since I still got paid. Right? Maybe?) We were worried that the show would last forever (they were giving out about 30 awards, there were like 6 scheduled performers, and Patton Oswalt was hosting and surely spending some time doing bits of his regular standup) but it clocked in at a pleasant and not-at-all intolerable 2 hours, 45 minutes. Music Loving Companion joked that if the show went on forever, my headline should be “Interminable at Terminal 5” which I enjoyed, but lucky for us, we got home with enough time to watch Lost and fold laundry before going to bed at 12:45. (Which is still crazy for me since I have been on a 10pm bedtime kick but I can’t be lame all the time. Also, Juliet the Other- pure of heart or 64 color box of Crayzola? I love Lost!)

I had never seen most of the performers who played the awards last night and was pretty impressed by St. Vincent most of all. But the real reason everyone was there was to see Nick Cave. Wow. It’s hard to say what Nick Cave is exactly, because in a way he’s a character, this amazingly cool, dark Leonard Cohen meets a ghost meets the old west guy (that sounds like a hip Scooby Doo episode, no?). He’s just a mind-blowing performer and I’m really glad we went.

Also, Proj Runway fans should read this fab interview with Tim Gunn – it softens my heart and makes me hate Victorya all the more.