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I’m a peace-lover – a pacifist who prefers to keep my mouth shut in argumentative times (this usually leads to inner monologues filled with cursing and bile-spewing, most often directed at people on the subway) and occasionally this means I either explode with rage at the people I love or go to yoga to clear the old noggin. I especially don’t like talking about politics because I sort of like the idea that people keep that stuff a secret – “Who did you vote for?” “I’ll never tell”. It’s weird that that’s something people consider very personal, but also, I’ve had enough arguments with Republican friends to know that not everyone’s politics define them as people. It sounds stupid, but I always think “If James Carville and Mary Matalin can get married, anyone can be friends”. They are still married, aren’t they?

But today I read that Geraldine Ferraro, on top of making her stupid Obama comment’s about how he has only gotten to where he is because of his race, also said that she herself would never have been chosen as the 1984 VP candidate if she was a man. Clearly this woman sees things, literally, in black and white. It’s like she’s implying that no one besides white men have ever been qualified to hold these positions and for anyone else to be considered for them, they are affirmative actiony, token candidates. Unless you’re Hillary. (I also don’t have a huge gripe against Hillary. I can see where some people might but as a girl, I think it would be pretty awesome if we finally crawled out of the dark ages and elected a woman. Also, last night on Countdown, their title was Furorro. Yay, puns!) Where was Ferraro when George W. was running, why wasn’t she crying nepotism then? Because he’s far inferior from any of the three possible contenders for the White House and deserves more flack than any of them. Big picture, Gerry. Think about it. We have the choice to elect a democrat who is either black or a woman which is huge, but also they are both effing smart. We also have the chance to elect a veteran for the first time in a while who, despite saying we’ll be in Iraq for 100 years under him, might get some decent stuff done and if not, how awesome would it be to look at his wife’s ever changing hairstyles for four years?

My friend Becky used to dream up the most minority candidate you could ever imagine, I think it was something like a black, Jewish lesbian in a wheelchair (maybe there were even more traits in there – maybe she also had rosacea, was blind and vegan too), what would you say to that candidate then? So I say give it a rest, Ger. Everyone has a “thing”, a stigma against them. And right now, America’s thing is George Bush. Let’s be happy that we actually have three possible cures for what ails us.