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Born to Pun

First of all, how happy was I to read the Post headline about the McCartney-Mills divorce settlement:

“An Arm and a Leg”


Also, in other pun news, I was rewarded for a pun the other day.  Backstory: About 6 months ago I read in either Food and Wine or Martha Stewart Living (because I am 50!)  an ad for The Rabbit Corkscrew – they were having a contest to fill in the blank, a la The New Yorker caption contest.

So the image was

The top 5 winners got $1000, so of course my thought was “I think of puns in my sleep, of course I will win this” and sent my suggestion on it’s merry way and as with everything I have ever done, completely erased it from my mind. Until I got an email last week notifying me that I won! But not the $1000, I was a runner up and won a Rabbit Corkscrew (Retails for $50! Woo! I don’t drink wine! I would have preferred the cash! But I love winning so I will not be complaining!) Of course, I went through the trouble of thinking of a suggestion, sending it off, and not including any personal info, so the email I received was “Congratulations, you won a corkscrew! Where do we send it?”

Oh, and my suggestion was “I wish I could keep these feelings bottled up but I decant.” A list of the winners is here, and I have to say, I feel a little cheated. However, I’ve told a couple people about the contest and as soon as I say “Guess what? I won a corkscrew!” they say “A Rabbit?! Because those are awesome!” so, go me! I guess I’ll be having more wine parties in the future.