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Easter ‘n’ Promises

This weekend At-Home Companion and I barely left the house, mainly because we knew the party was coming to us on Sunday when we had a big old Easter brunch featuring bellinis, hot cheese dips, Edible Arrangements and Rock Band.  So while we spent the entire weekend cleaning and cooking, we spent Saturday night in front of the tube, which had no fewer than 3 great movies on basic cable – that never happens, I assure you, and I usually end up watching some terrible Food Network competition involving fondant and panes of colored sugar-glass. I flipped around and watched bits and pieces of Wayne’s World which, to my surprise I still knew pretty much every word of, including the Alice Cooper song “Feed My Frankenstein”. Go figure. I’m hungry for love and it’s feeding time! Can I get a job that requires that knowledge of me, please? When Harry Met Sally was also on, and Goonies was in there somewhere too. Easter brings out the best in quality programming, I think. After Wayne’s World we watched the first half hour of The Sound of Music, at which point I realized I own the movie on DVD and we popped it in and started watching where we left off (the DVD I have has Sound of Music karaoke…remind me why I didn’t bust that out when we had guests?). We only watched up till the intermission though, when Baroness Schrader tells Maria that Captain Von Trapp has the hots for her and Maria flees the comfort of the Von Trapp household with nothing but her ugly dress and acoustic guitar for the secluded environs of the nunnery again. At that point I told At-Home Companion that we could finish the movie another night because let’s face it, there was a hockey game to watch and 1.5 hours of The Lonely Goatherd and Rolf the Nazi with no eyebrows was enough. (SPOILER! ROLF IS A NAZI!)

Sunday we had a delicious and excessive brunch that looked something like this:

Crazy Eyez and The Bacon Eaterz Photo Courtesy of Someone with Glennis’ Camera