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If I Worked at the NY Post – All Over the Map edition

I haven’t punned in so long. I miss it. Here’s the latest batch of punny sitcom titles that will never air except in my head.

Who knew that Sam Malone was such an astronomy buff? Watch what happens when real-life couple Ted Danson and Mary Steenburgen take a rocketship ride to the international space station armed with a few astronaut ice cream bars, a camera and a whole lotta love for supernovas in Danson with the Stars.

Everyone’s favorite early 2000’s TV-guest-star-turned-shoplifting crazy lady Bai Ling has has it up to HERE (hand reaches the upper part of Bai Ling’s see-through plastic turtleneck) with Hollywood and decides to kick it agro-style in upstate New York on a sheep farm. But it turns out that she has a knack for raising these good-for-mutton animals and is a shear genius…VH1 Celebreality goes Bai Ling Wool this fall.

Angel and Buffy aren’t the only vampire shows in town – who knew that The Washington Times employs a vamp to do their copyediting? Like copyeditors ever get sun anyway! A&E explores the life and times of the editor with a lot at STAKE in Typo Negative.

Renovating brings people together for sure – HGTV already knows that! That’s why they started a dating show for people who love Charles and Ray Eames, condo prices-per-foot and the merits of low VOC paint called Laquer? I Don’t Even Know Her!.