So tired that I can’t think of a good title. I was up till 2am last night writing a review for the Joseph Arthur show that Live Music Loving Companion and I attended last night (we got home at 1am so its not like I was toiling for hours and hours) and I am still pooped. Plus, we got to take a work field trip to MoMa to see this exhibit so I was out for most of the day. I guess my day job (or night job for that matter) isn’t so bad.

There is a link to the review I wrote but I like my original version better, so here’s the writer’s cut too:

The audience at last night’s six-act, five-and-a-half hour show at The Living Room, one of many shows this week commemorating the venue’s tenth anniversary, was dotted with performers, nearly all of whom joined headliner Joseph Arthur on stage at one point or another (or in the case of amazing singer Jenni Muldaur, Arthur jumped on with her and her 7 piece band before his set). After a few hours, my concert-going companion observed, “I think we’re the only people in here who don’t regularly hang out with everyone else in here.” It did have a reunion vibe, but everyone was just there to spread their love and appreciation – if not for the venue then at least for Joe.

As the night wore on, what started as a quiet, open-mike-like setting turned into a full on jam session with Arthur’s bandmates and “special friends” like Scottish singer Angela McClusky, guitarist Jennifer Turner and even R.E.M.’s Mike Mills during the show closer, a cover of the Velvet Underground’s “Pale Blue Eyes”. It almost felt like those of us at the tiny cabaret tables were just flies on the wall of a giant party and we got to clap along – at Arthur’s behest, he told us to stop being too-cool New Yorkers and sing along. At the end of the show, the musicians simply walked off stage into the crowd – if they had asked us to, we would have followed the band into the street to keep the party alive.

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