So long, Puck’s finger in Pedro’s peanut butter

Well, it finally happened.

A few months ago, At-Home-Sales Companion and I started selling our used stuff on Amazon – I had a bunch of old DVD box sets and books that I wanted to get rid of, and he had, oh, about everything he’s ever owned taking up precious closet space, so we decided to clean house. You’re only allowed to list stuff for two months at a time, then it expires and you have to re-list it. So after two months of no one caring for my pop culture crap (sure, everyone wants season 1 of Gilmore Girls* but there’s no love for The Brady Bunch Book – and I don’t even mean the Barry Williams tell-all, Growing Up Brady, I mean a book of Brady trivia, of which there are currently 73 used copies available on Amazon for one cent, but I’m the lone seller who actually thinks my copy is worth $.25 so that’s some good sales tactics right? It’s why I didn’t major in business, people!), I re-listed some stuff and someone finally bought the crown jewel in my ready-to-be-unloaded pile of crap: The Real World’s Greatest Fights DVD.

ay caliente!

“Why on earth would you give that up?” you ask. I know, it seems like an impulsive act of insanity to get rid of the one DVD in my collection that features a fight about peanut butter between an AIDS activist and a bike messenger . “Won’t you regret it? What if you want to watch a bunch of over-dramatic twenty-somethings living in L.A. get in a fight while in their pajamas and then it turns into like, assault charges, but not really because it’s not like in-house cop Irene arrested anyone?” And to that I say, have my synopses not already proved that I’ve seen these enough? And also, here’s how old this DVD is – it only contains fights through season 5. That means that all the fights on this disc feature people in overalls and/or flannel shirts (or, as in caliente Latina firecracker Melissa’s case, pictured above, hot pink shoulder padded blazers) and background music from the Gin Blossons and Candlebox. Some of the fighters are even kind of fat by MTV standards now and never wore bikini’s on screen.

So, adieu, my old DVD. You were fun for a time, but I’ve matured. For nine whole dollars, someone else can love you and pull you out at a fondue party where there’s a lull in the conversation and you want to reminisce about the good old days of Bunim/Murray Productions. (I do miss the opening of season 2 L.A. though – “BETH!” “Could you get the phone?” “Truuuue storehhhhies!” “The Real World…California”)

*And to clarify, I only sold Gilmore Girls Season 1 because all my besties chipped in and bought me the entire series box set for my birthday last year. With friends like these, who needs catfights?

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