Reduce, Reuse, Destroy

Last night (Happy belated Earth Day), Live Music Loving Companion and I headed back to North Brooklyn to check out Destroyer at the Music Hall of Williamsburg. We stopped in at the Surf Bar for a drink with show photographer Diana before the show started (At 11pm! Who does that? Liz Lemon Unapproved!). I’m pretty certain the Surf Bar is owned by the guy who faced off with Bobby Flay on the Throwdown chowder episode – I know you all know how Throwdown is Liz Black Unapproved because I find it unnecessarily mean and deceptive, see my post about the Doughnut Krishna – but alas, we only had beer and not chowder, but the sand-covered floors and surfboard decor was fun and the menu looked delicious so we plan to go back.

The review of the Destroyer show is up today…not a chatty bunch, those guys, but I swear the more you listen to their albums (I’m partial to Rubies (Destroyer’s Rubies?) and the recent Trouble in Dreams, mainly because I’ve listened to them constantly for a week), the more they will earworm their way into your heart.

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