Tegan and Sara reviewed

I kinda get the feeling more and more than I am in every way a 14-year-old. Mostly this is because every show I go to these days has an equal number of adults and 14-year-olds in attendance – where are the parents? And how do these kids know about music? I was only into  Boyz II Men and Bohemian Rhapsody at 14, definitely not seeking out “indie” or “under the radar” bands. (Although the Boston Globe ran a list every week, maybe they still do, of the music charts including a foreign-sounding “College Rock” list that always featured stuff like The Stone Roses and The Cure which was over my head and sounded scary. Cure for what??! Oh God!) But anyway, I do feel like an old maid when I go to shows like Rilo Kiley and last night’s Tegan and Sara show – not that there were THAT many kids there (although some great parents brought a two-year-old…I just don’t get people [again, see “old maid” comment]) but I mean, seriously, when you were fourteen would your parents let you come to 56th street and 11th Ave.? It’s dangerous over there, what with all the BMW dealerships and all.

The review is online today and if you haven’t listened to The Con, you should, it’s excellent. High school sophomores everywhere would agree.

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