Two bad tastes that taste worse together

I was just looking online at Old Navy clothes (yoga pants in particular) because they are cheap and relatively cute – I would rather buy $15 Old Navy pants than $85 Lululemon pants because no matter what the brand, I’m still going to end up wearing them as pajamas in 6 months so…really, why bother? Also, even though I revel in buying adorable dresses for summer, I pretty much identify as an “urbane tomboy“, The Observer’s moniker for chicks who live in sweatshirt material. Sorry, mom. I really do like dressing up but not every day. Which is why I own 3 pairs of Birkenstocks, 2 pairs of All-Stars and one pair of Frye Boots that see the light of day 90% of the time and about 10 pairs of platforms, heels and wedges that are the flowers in the attic of my shoes. (V.C. And-shoes!)

Anyway, I was looking for some pants, blah blah blah, and found THIS:

A halter- hoodie vest! Who? What? Why? It defies logic and taste! Would you ever wear the hood up, thus revealing an open back? And what if you completely unzip? Will you have two wings flapping in the wind? I appreciate creative, original design, especially creative design that makes use of fleece and pockets but I’m befuddled, Old Navy. This Performance Fleece is pitchy, dawg.

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