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NY Post Punny Sitcom of the Day

Will this become a regular feature? I don’t know! I have a lot of things that I write and assume they will become regular features on this blog and they sure never do! Lazy! We all know how much I love coming up with punny sitcom titles for hypothetical shows but sometimes the puns don’t flow in threes and fours so here’s one I thought of the other day.

Whine and Spirits – When everyone’s favorite The Nanny, Fran Drescher, buys a house on coastal Long Island everything seems peachy – except to the GHOSTS that have been inhabiting the house! Where’s Mr. Sheffield when you need him? Nasal-twinged scariness ensues! Only on the We Network.

This reminds me of the time that Previous Boyfriend’s mom was in town and we met her for dinner on the Upper West Side and Niles the Butler was having a drink at the bar of the restaurant. She approached him and said “I miss The Nanny!”, to which he deadpanned “I miss the paychecks.” So dry, the humor! I don’t even think he’s English. If you’ve never heard that story before, it’s because I rarely get the opportunity to work anything relating to The Nanny into conversation. Curiously enough.