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I’m really tired today! Could be because last night , Food-and-Live-Music-Loving Companion and I went out to the Great N.Y. Noodletown and ate our weight in fried things like duck, chives and crispy noodles, then went to the Chinatown Ice Cream Factory (where, by the by, the ice cream is made of cream, fat and then some fatty cream) and then went to the Futureheads show at Bowery Ballroom.

Food-and-Live-Music-Loving Companion realized he knew the bouncer (because, of course, who doesn’t know a Hell’s Angel? Don’t we all?) – they used to be neighbors! My love interest was neighbors with the Hell’s Angels and got to  know them – which is thoroughly enjoyable to me because I assume that every day and every encounter would be just like Pee Wee at the biker bar during his Big Adventure. (“I say ya let me have him first!” Anyone? Anyone besides Becky?”) and this particular Angel got us a table in the balcony – we were royalty! V.I.P! Lucky dogs. It was a really good show and we were like 9 feet above the band and it was kind of awesome. Which is why I’m too tired to come up with a pun. Help me, won’t you? We can make this into a game like the New Yorker caption contest – I’ll provide the pun, you pitch me the show. This requires people’s comments. Don’t make me look foolish, readers. Comment!

Here’s your pun – GO:

Second to Nun

    • Becky
    • June 20th, 2008

    “I say we let ’em go!”

    • Becky
    • June 20th, 2008

    Two orphaned children are raised by Sister Mary Frances. When she is killed in a tragic pipe organ accident, the caretaker is left to raise them. Can he do as good of a job, or will he be Second to Nun?

  1. Finally, a response! Thank you Becky. That’s a show I’d watch. Also, I’d ask that the pipe organ accident not happen offscreen, it’s something I’d really like to see. In my mind, I imagine that these children grow up to host Goth Talk.

    • Becky
    • June 21st, 2008

    I know I can’t measure up to your pun-tastic skills, but I did give it my best. It is like mental aerobics!

    I was also thinking about a sports themed program involving a Sisters vs. Fathers softball game. But although Sister Ignotus made the game winning play at second base, Second to Nun doesn’t work as well in this scenario.

  2. I thought this was the headline after Princess Diana died on the same day as Mother Theresa.

  3. Too soon?

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