Interesting fact I learned on my day off

I took today off from work because we get to do that in the summer – every month, we can take a Friday off in June, July and August. I’m sure that my friends who are teachers are laughing at that, but it’s genuinely exciting to get three extra vacation days in the summer when you work in a corporate pit of despair.

Today’s weather was especially perfect so I decided to go back to my old neighborhood (or close to it), and I’m pretty sure I hit all the best shops. I just bought a sewing machine and even though I was ready to throw it out the window last week because I couldn’t even figure out how to get the bobbin thread to catch (which is not even Sewing 101, it’s like Sewing 99), I can’t stop buying accessories. So today I went to cutest store in the world (and the place where I first took sewing lessons), Brooklyn General. They have the best fabric, but today I took it easy and just bought extra bobbins (because every beginner need twelve extra bobbins, right?) (Am I making sarcastic sewing jokes? Have I become that nerdy? In college, Roommate Abby and I were both taking art history and one day she lost a button on her coat. We made a joke about the Button Hoo Burial and oh, how we lauuughed. I thought that was as low as it got for me, I suppose I can’t outgrow it. By the way, the Button Hoo joke was a reference to this…Because what’s the point of being a liberal arts student if you can’t get a good joke in about an excavated Anglo-Saxon cemetery? Now you can say you learned something today.)

I also went to DUB Pies and bought some extra delicious and flaky meat pies. Because sewing and meat pies just make sense together? Sure. My last stop was the crown jewel of Brooklyn shopping, my favorite place, Sahadi’s, which I have discussed before, and where else can you get quick-cooking oats, whole-bean coffee, Ghirardelli chocolate and tahini in one stop? But here’s the thing I’ve been getting at all along – as I was crossing Atlantic Avenue, I saw Peter Bogdanovich with his family, and even on a warm summer day such as this, with no cameras around, the man still wears his ascot. That is what I learned today. No matter what, it’s never the wrong occasion to wear an ascot. Summer Fridays – they’re all about learning new things.

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