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A new Pickup Artist recap is posted today!

I’d write more if I wasn’t feeling sick with a potential cold.

Also, congratulations to Jessica and James! Amazing couple, awesome wedding, gorgeous wedding dress, and way too many “signature mango martinis”. Well done, Easons.

Oh, Dears

I saw The Dears last night as part of CMJ, they played in the Hiro Ballroom. When I first first met My Life Companion, like a week after we met, he gushed about how cool the Hiro is and this was my first show there. It’s a very cool space and it does in fact look like the place in Kill Bill where Uma Thurman kills all those school girls. Or whatever. Been a while since I saw Kill Bill. She kills people in that movie, right?

The review is posted now for your reading pleasure. 

Photo: Jed Egan

Lots of Pun

I saw Happy-Go-Lucky with Roommate Jeff last week and it was a really great movie. The heroine, Poppy, was an always-chipper London teacher who, after having her bike stolen, takes driving lessons from a no-nonsense guy who doesn’t like her absentmindedness. At one point during their lesson he says “Bear with me, Poppy,” and she says “Where?! I don’t see him!” And wouldn’t you know it, that was the biggest laugh line of the movie for me.

Today in yoga, I think a woman in class had trouble hearing what the instructor was saying and the instructor had to repeat herself a few times. I laughing-lotused to myself because I had a Poppy-like response after hearing the teacher say three times “Gaze to your left.”

I know it’s a New York City yoga class, but I didn’t see any. At least not to my left.

Scary bits

I’m currently working on a few different things and for the first time in a while I’m genuinely busy. I mean, how will I ever get my Rock Band band (we’re called Nina Garcia) new clothes and a merch guy if I keep neglecting our gigs? Gah!

I remember being this busy when I was doing shows with Glennis and rehearsing till like 2 am and having to take mental health days from work because I was so tired. It’s not nearly as bad right now, but tonight I’m reviewing The Dears at Hiro Ballroom and all week I’ve been conducting interviews and writing recaps for everyone’s favorite VH1 show, The Pickup Artist 2, Even Pickuppier. The latest interview posted yesterday. It’s fun, but it’d be way funner if I didn’t have a day job on top of it. 


I also performed in Mortified’s special Halloween show this week (all the material was scary, only some of it intentionally so). Since it’s close to Halloween, I’ll leave you with this link to a hilarious, scary movie from one of the guys in Mortified, Scott Kravitz, (he made it when he was 11) and a picture I’ve posted before but never ceases to entertain:

Happy almost Halloween!

This and that

Tonight I’m performing in Mortified at Comix! You should come. If you want to hear a story I wrote for 10th grade English about the New Kids on the Block and a story about a witch who kidnaps two young lovers, this is your night. It’s a Halloween show, it’ll be scaaaary!

Also, another recap from everyone’s favorite reality show, The Pickup Artist 2, is up at VH1.

Also also, I interviewed the first contestant kicked off of the Pickup Artist here.

The Runway has Landed

Sadness! Project Runway is over and there’s a whole month between that and Top Chef (oh how I miss Padma’s scar!). SPOILER AHEAD…I’m psyched that Leanne won, even more psyched that Kenley lost and sad that Korto got nuthin’. I would have to say that while I liked Leanne throughout the season, Korto’s runway show was pretty awesome and I wish they pulled a surprise “You both won!” and gave each of them a Saturn Hybrid for their time. Korto herself is pretty awesome, as proven in the EW interview where she references that old psychic staple we all know an love…

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: You said the judges’ critique of your line was the best among you, Leanne, and Kenley. That’s what made you feel like you were going to win?
KORTO MOMOLU: With each challenge, I always knew who was gonna win. There was a certain order, a certain way they would do it. No one else picked up on it, but I was totally the Miss Cleo of the group. 


How can you not love her? She knows (and IS) Miss Cleo!

There used to be a commercial for Miss Cleo, testimonials from the people whose minds were read by her, and one guy says “She told me I was raised by my grandmother! Which was….TRUE!” The woman has talent.

my first recap

Since my company doesn’t get Columbus Day off, I’ve decided to cheat on them and freelance a little more with VH1. These days I’ll be recapping the second season of The Pickup Artist. For the first episode please click. 

Under where

A while back I was describing a trip I took to New York with my high school best pals and I know you were dying to see what Becky, the one who dressed up in someone else’s skivvies for laughs, actually looked like. Well,