The Runway has Landed

Sadness! Project Runway is over and there’s a whole month between that and Top Chef (oh how I miss Padma’s scar!). SPOILER AHEAD…I’m psyched that Leanne won, even more psyched that Kenley lost and sad that Korto got nuthin’. I would have to say that while I liked Leanne throughout the season, Korto’s runway show was pretty awesome and I wish they pulled a surprise “You both won!” and gave each of them a Saturn Hybrid for their time. Korto herself is pretty awesome, as proven in the EW interview where she references that old psychic staple we all know an love…

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: You said the judges’ critique of your line was the best among you, Leanne, and Kenley. That’s what made you feel like you were going to win?
KORTO MOMOLU: With each challenge, I always knew who was gonna win. There was a certain order, a certain way they would do it. No one else picked up on it, but I was totally the Miss Cleo of the group. 


How can you not love her? She knows (and IS) Miss Cleo!

There used to be a commercial for Miss Cleo, testimonials from the people whose minds were read by her, and one guy says “She told me I was raised by my grandmother! Which was….TRUE!” The woman has talent.

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