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Pun in the Workplace

I have a head for business and a bod for sin, minus the head for business part. And the bod for sin part. Basically, I’m a ghost. But I still like coming up with puns and recently I thought of two, for when I decide to open my own store.

First, if I ever feel like becoming a yoga instructor, I’m totally naming my studio The Om Depot.

My second idea is both a sitcom pitch and an actual shop I’d seriously like to own. The pitch part goes: What happens when a couple who files for separation are ordered by the court to stay together for the sake of their coffee shop? Grounds for Divorce! So yeah, sitcom or no, I think that name is awesome and if anyone steals it from me I will hunt them down. Despite the fact that I can barely tolerate coffee anymore, let alone run a business that requires extensive knowledge about it.