True Liza

Glennis, Kate and I saw the closing performance of Liza’s at the Palace yesterday, mostly because we all have a love for older women who wear nothing but shirts and tights. Admittedly, I don’t know a ton about Liza, but I sure loved Arthur so I was sure to like the rest of her work, no? 

Top things that might happen at the final show of Liza’s at the Palace:

You stand next to Austin Scarlett, brush past Martin Short and see LeeLee Sobieski in the ladies room (ok, Glennis is the one who stood next to LeeLee. This prompted a brief discussion about who she was, aside from being that girl who looks like Helen Hunt, and what movies she’s been in. I could only remember some goth role she played opposite Albert Brooks. Surely she’s famous for something else?)

The FIVE costume changes (the white sequined suit, the black velvet and sequined suit, the black sequined top with tights, the red sequined suit…maybe there were just four? So many sparkles, who could count?)

Kate: “Most of the men in here have probably dressed as this woman at some point in their lives”.

The standing ovation at the beginning of the show.

The standing ovation after she sang every song.

The standing ovation at the end of the show.

The title performer ripping off her fake eyelashes halfway through the second act. 

You overhear someone unironically say “Who am I, Zero Mostel?”

…And this is just what happened in the proximity to the theatre. I won’t get into the homeless man who sat next to us at the bar of Ruby Foo’s and fell over while saying “I’m not gonna pee pee!” and had to be carried out. That’s a whole other story.
Edited to add: I wish I was cool enough to have gone backstage like all these people
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