Cheers was on opposite 90210 when I was growing up, but I was definitely a Cheers person. I only got into 90210 when it was in reruns and I would (true story) Nordic Track every day in the basement while watching it. When Cheers ended it was monumental; I think I cried, and I definitely wrote out the lyrics (extended lyrics, I might add) to the theme song because this was before they were easily accessible on the internet and I wanted to have a hard copy forever and ever.

We just watched The Mist, which I have to say is a terrible movie (critics loved it, somehow, and it was on a list of the best horror movies in recent years…but, as Movie Companion put it “This is a movie made to be shown on the Sci-Fi Network.”) One of the supporting characters in the film though is Frances Sternhagen who, no matter what roles she may take, will always be Cliff Clavin’s mom. This is all incidental though, what I’m getting at is DID YOU ALL KNOW THAT THE NEW 2009 VERSION OF FAME WILL STAR KELSEY GRAMMAR AS “ORCHESTRA MAESTRO” AND BEBE NEUWIRTH AS “DANCE INSTRUCTOR”? Frasier and Lillith together again, at last. That’s all I have. But that’s big news, right?

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