As IF we’d forget “The Night Time Is The Right Time” and “I Got the Feelin'”

When there is nothing else on TV, I will always turn to Nick at Night or TV Land or whatever channel it is that seems to play The Cosby Show nonstop. It will never get old and is always classic (except for the Cousin Pam year, no thanks).

So I saw this interview with Keshia Knight Pulliam where she talks about her dream role as if the world doesn’t remember her famous forays into lip synching:

What’s your dream role then? 
If Janet Jackson does the story of her life and I’m still young enough, I am there. No one can pull her off like I can. I have a dance background. I’m definitely not cutting an album anytime soon, but I can lip-synch all day. I can’t sing, but I can act like it very well.

Umm, everyone knows Rudy Huxtable can lip synch.  Aside from her relationships with Bud and Peter and her desire to have two kids – a boy and a girl – and a dog named Tiffany, it’s what she’s famous for. 

Embedding not allowed, but enjoy this clip on Youtube.

    • Becky
    • February 19th, 2009



    You know I love you!!!

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