Martha Stewart Living is Harder than Regular Living

Through some good/bad fortune, Live-In Companion and I are moving up one flight in our apartment building. The bad fortune is that we really liked our neighbor and it’s sad to see him go. The good fortune is that his apartment is nicer than ours and we asked  the landlord if we could swap. It’s a good deal and we’re very excited (except for packing and all the hassles that come with moving). I’m not really stressed about it, but I did decide to change all my addresses yesterday on magazines I subscribe to. Those magazines are Lucky The Magazine About Shopping, New York Magazine The Magazine About New York, and Martha Stewart Living The Magazine About Making Complicated Things Seem Appealing. 

I await my Martha every month and  savor it – I skip over whatever landscaping tips Martha has because it’s lost on my yard-less self, I immediately read all about the Cookie of the Month, and then I do a performance piece where I lower my voice and read Martha’s responses to the Reader’s Questions aloud for my own enjoyment. 

I went to the Martha Stewart Living website yesterday to find the “Subscription Services” section, and when I clicked on it, the only option was to buy a new subscription. It was maddening. I clicked all over and couldn’t find the “Change of Address” link so I entered “Change of Address” in the Martha Stewart Search Bar. Because that seems logical, yes? Not so much. Perhaps at Lucky Magazine or New York Magazine this would be a simple task, but Martha takes changing an address very seriously and rather than directing me to the place where I can enter my new address, a cornucopia of options about finding the best letterpress artist to create a “We’ve Moved!” card, the most polite way to announce your change of address to your neighbors, what to do with your two-ton stone fountain once you’ve decided to change your address and nothing about how to change the address on my magazine subscription. Uncouth, Martha! Finally a sitemap pointed me in the right direction. All that, just to change the  “Apt. 3A” to “Apt. 4B” which won’t make a difference anyway because the mail carrier puts everyone’s magazine’s in a pile on the building’s entry table.

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