Have we ever discussed my obsession with Jennifer Garner? This is irrelevant to pop culture currently because I don’t think she’s in anything right now, but I LOVE her. I love that her dog is named Martha Stewart, I love that she walks around Boston with Ben Affleck in matching City Sports tee shirts, and I love Alias so much it hurts. I still fantasize about a very cold, slightly evil Victor Garber telling his daughter Sydney Bristow that the reason he didn’t RSVP to her party is because “I don’t do Evites”. It’s funny ’cause it’s true!

I also love Jennifer so much that I’ve had the movie “The Kingdom” in my Netflix queue for two years and I saw “13 Going On 30” in the movie theater but man have I seen it like nine more times after that on cable. There’s a scene in “13 Going On 30” which, if you’ve lived under a rock devoid of cuteness and movie remakes, is just “Big” starring a woman, where chopstick-haired J-Garn realizes that the person she’s become is horrible and she’d rather be her nerdy 8th grade self again and no amount of Judy-Greer-as-sidekick will change her mind. All the while, Billy Joel’s “Vienna” plays in the background. People, I love this song and I think it was this movie that made me realize that. I’m currently listening to it at my desk which makes me just look like a sensible mom-type who enjoys clapping gently to the beat of adult contemporary music to passersby, but really, I know what’s up. This song has layers. Basically it’s the kind of song that spawns an a-ha moment about why certain musicians are so famous – I had this a-ha moment with the Rolling Stones a few years ago to “Miss You”, of all things. Is that song revered? Considered a one of their greats? I mean, when compared to the rest of their catalog? Maybe not, but you can see why people like them!

Anyway, I get easily affected by songs that should not be affecting depending on where I hear it or what kind of memory dust it kicks up. Most embarassingly it’s usually associated to a college a capella performance, but some songs will always remind me of a breakup, and occasionally I will remember playing something loud in the car and then get sad when I remember I don’t have a car any more. Anyway, enjoy Jennifer Garner’s near-tears performance and some of my good friend William Joel’s finest work.

    • Becky
    • January 17th, 2010

    You’re so ambitious for a juvenile….

    • Maggie
    • April 20th, 2010

    have always loved the song Vienna!
    didn’t realize it was in this movie.

    that would actually be a cute name for a girl: Vienna.

    • Liz
    • April 20th, 2010

    Vienna is the name of the girl who won the Bachelor(‘s heart) this season, and I think she’s kind of trashy. Sigh. There goes another name, tainted by a bad association.

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