Leaven It Up To You

Just in case you missed this gem on Facebook a few weeks back, I was explaining to my dad how I’m taking a bread-making class and we had quite the pun-fest discussing it. Here though, is a photo of me (only it’s not exactly me!) posing with the bread haul I got to take home on the second day of class. I’m going to have a lot of food-related content coming up because I found the world’s most awesome books at a used bookstore in my neighborhood the other day and I’ve been scanning my buns off (bread pun!) so I can upload the pictures here.

Anyway, here’s our highbrow discourse on the merits of my bread course:

Rick: where will you be?
me: in bread making class
4:09 PM Rick: do you knead to go there?
me: har it’s paid for so yes. it was a lot of dough
Rick: I hope at least you will bring your Mom some flour
4:10 PM me: (that was a stretch)
Rick: I knew I would get a rise out of you
4:11 PM me: it’s the yeast I can do
Rick: please, let’s stop the half baked puns
4:12 PM me: but we’re on a roll
Rick: for crust sake stop it!!!
4:14 PM me: I can’t, you bread me for this
Rick: I am through. I need a rest I am going to go and just loaf for a while
4:15 PM me: fine, I’m through with this crumby computer
Rick: I don’t know how you can sandwich this kind of chat in between your work
4:16 PM me: it’s a Wonder
Rick: you have a rye sense of humor
me: i aim to make people hoot and challah
Rick: well, I have barley begun
4:19 PM me: dont make me spelt it out for you
4:20 PM Rick: (obscure) I quit, I am raisin the white flag

    • Erin
    • April 28th, 2010

    Ha! Holy cow, your dad is awesome.

    • Amy
    • April 28th, 2010

    Goddamn you.

    • Mags
    • May 11th, 2010

    holy god it’s genetic! and look at the time stamps – so quick!

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