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Rolling Off The Rails

Gravy! But that’s how it goooooes!

This picture might just be the reason I bought this cookbook in the first place. Can you blame me? (That’s not to say that the recipe for Sandwich Towers, the first ingredients of which include a cup of mayo and 2 tablespoons of relish, wasn’t just as intriguing, but just LOOK at that beautiful train.)

The first thing you might notice in the picture, as I did because I am a mashed potato freak and could eat them for every meal if society didn’t have such a problem with those people who are so fat that they can no longer move, is how dry those taters are. They look bad. And even though I’ve never really gotten a read on something’s temperature from a photo before, they look cold, don’t they? I can’t help but think that if Randy from A Christmas Story‘s meatloaf was shaped like a train, “Mommy’s Little Piggie” wouldn’t be a thing. I also can’t help but think that if Martha Stewart got her hands on this idea, this train would be the shiz, and there would be tracks complete with julienned leek railroad ties, dry ice coming out of a hollowed root vegetable steam engine and a train depot constructed out of flatbread, held together by a red pepper hummus and a tiny mashed potato sculpture of Peter Dinklage inside. Still, what kid wouldn’t want to sink his teeth into the bar car of the meatloaf Metro-North?