(She’s Outta My) La Leche League

This introduction to the Dairy Board’s book about how to incorporate more dairy into your life is as ominous as the tiki drinks that accompany it. My favorite part is the one that references the importance of cheese and butter to one’s diet, which I certainly swear by, but I’m also no pillar of health. (Example: I am very, very hurtie today after doing a BASICS YOGA CLASS yesterday). I wish we still lived in an era where your health was threatened if you didn’t eat saturated fat.

“Cream and butter are, of course, higher in fat and the vitamins carried by fat and lower in water and milk protein. They too, are indispensable in the human larder as every great national emergency proves. Children deprived of them, as well as of milk, for any length of time show the serious physical results all their adult life.

Keep calm and carry [butter] on [your person at all times, it’s a national emergency, ah DOY]! From now on, I’m going to imagine that anyone with a weak handshake probably didn’t get enough cream as a kid. I, on the other hand, couldn’t get enough of those little individual shots of creamer. Pretty sure I drank about 10 of those during church coffee hour every Sunday between the ages of 5 and 10. (Note 1: Please refer back to Example 1 about not being able to get through BASICS YOGA WITHOUT SEARING PAIN IN THE CORE OF MY BEING and how maybe all that fat isn’t healthy after all.) But I do have a hearty handshake.

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