Fancy Up Your Life With Aunt Jemima

This Aunt Jemima ad, found in an insert in my cookbook, doesn’t look that bad. In fact, I’d eat most of this. MOST. Not all.

The Pan-San sounded good until I got to the part about a layer of currant jelly mixed with a layer of sausage meat. Let’s do ourselves a favor and never refer to it ever again as “sausage meat” and just stick with “sausage”. We get that it’s meat. It’s not like we’re all sitting around pining for steak-meat or bacon-meat here. And I’ve never actually had Welsh Rarebit, but I have an old recipe book (like one of those Church Women’s Club cookbooks where everything is typed out and then mimeographed in purple ink – oh, how I miss the mimeograph. I took many a multiplication test on those hand-cranked purple-y copies. Anyone under 25 has no idea what I’m talking about, do you?) but I can’t see how waffles with cheese sauce could be bad.

I do love the fact that Aunt Jemima wants us to know just how man-pleasing and taste-pleasing her food is. Uncle Jemima must have been a really satisfied guy.

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