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Be specific.

This conversation just happened:

Television-watching/Disney nerd companion, after reading a Disney blog: “Hey, that guy from Law and Order was at Disney World today.”

Me: “Which one?”

TVW/DNC: “Anthony Anderson.”

Me: “See, you said ‘that guy from Law And Order‘ and there are at least 15 other guys from Law And Order I would have said before him.”

TVW/DNC: “Name them.”

Me: “Chris Meloni. Ice-T. Sam Waterston. Fred Thompson. B.D. Wong. Jeremy Sisto. Jesse L. Martin. Vincent D’Onofrio. Dann Florek (only I called him “the guy that’s J.K. Simmons but not” and I also didn’t spell his name with two n’s out loud). Richard Belzer. Jerry Orbach even though he can’t possibly be in Disney World right now. Chris Noth.”

That’s only twelve, but that’s because I forgot Paul Sorvino, Benjamin Bratt and Dennis Farina. And J.K. Simmons totally WAS on L&O at one point. And I would have thought of all of those people before remembering Anthony Anderson.