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A whole new kind of treat-y

There are probably three things that children and adults agree with.

1. The Muppets are hilarious.

2. iPod Touches are a great way to pass the time.

3. Cake and ice cream can really make a party.

Since the first two items on that list are more recent developments, relatively speaking, one gathers that prior to the 1970s, cake and ice cream’s party-making ability was the only thing that could ever bridge the generation gap.

Ay, I’m in New York. I got a gun, let’s go to a Broadway show.

Contrary to what you may think, this ice cream recipe does not call for a healthy dollop of actor-waiters, no available seats on the 4 train and a pinch of why do I still live in a cramped one-bedroom and I’m in my 30s? Instead, it consists mostly of cream, corn sirup, and, if you’re gonna get all Tutti-Frutti about it, nut meats.

My thanks to Wayne’s World for the title.

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Next up, color guard casserole.

My, what a cute meal this is, with the drumsticks made of celery and olives and the tiny figurines watching me eat. Whatever could it be called?

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a question for the ages

Well? Did it? Dummy. Let me show you.

Now don’t you wish you had thought of it sooner? Get a good look, that’s some sweet-ass sherbet on top of that devil’s food cake right there. Glad it occurred to someone to do this, and since it wasn’t you, it had to be me.