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What’s new with me? What’s new with YOU?

It’s been busy over in these parts, I apologize not only for neglecting this site, but for also leaving a password protected post up as my most recent post for so long and having all three of my readers wonder what that could mean. Well, I’ll tell you, I created that post as an “audition” piece for a new job at and I’m happy to say that I got it! (If you’re curious, it’s a recap for the current VH1 show Love & Hip Hop and no, you can’t read it. I’m a private person. But also, I’m not sure I can put it out there for public consumption.) So I’m leaving my old job which I know I barely ever talked about (Did you know I had the same job for like 6 years? Probably not!) for a new job that I will probably also never mention that much, because blogs about jobs are boring and I know you’d all prefer to read the other thrilling content I’m known for. Like puns about farts.

I also contributed to a site called Ten Things I’ve Learned and my post about ten things I learned as a contestant on Chain Reaction, the TV game show about words and chains and reacting to them, is currently up. It’s probably old news for those of you who voraciously read all my previous posts about Chain Reaction, but if you’re new to this site and/or me, this is a good primer about my experiences with game show fame and fortune.