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Oh, hello! It’s been forever since I’ve been here, sorry. But after reading this New York Times article about how food is filmed for commercials, I HAD to write something. Nothing gets my creative juices flowing like hilarious, food-based copy. This is a really fun read if you like TV, commercials, food, or the magic derived from any of the above.

But there is just too much in this article that is too good to ignore. So here are my favorite lines from the article which are funny to begin with, but are elevated to amazing when taken out of context.

“This casserole shot, for instance, is an elaborate tango of artifice, technology and timing.”

“Moments before each take, Mr. Somoroff yells, ‘Ooze!'”

“…a special-effects rigger who holds his own hypodermic of sauce and is having a hard time synching with a hand model.”

“The goal was to see moist white meat when it bounced.”

“… showing in gorgeous slow motion the hole left by the fruit…”

“Pizza pasta, it turns out, is just what it sounds like.”

“…this doughnut was tumbling through the air and through a curtain of sugar…”

“He reached under a table and brought out a pair of matching, foot-and-a-half-long black catapults, powered by air cylinders, which he’d originally built for a Long John Silver’s commercial in which shrimp collided.”

“There’s a hole here. Move that piece of meat.”

“Mary Divett, a food stylist with a British accent, tweezes slices of pepperoni”

and of course, my very favorite line of all, and my future band name:


“hot cheese in motion”


Grilled Chicken, That Temperamental Star [NY Times]