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Oh, Dears

I saw The Dears last night as part of CMJ, they played in the Hiro Ballroom. When I first first met My Life Companion, like a week after we met, he gushed about how cool the Hiro is and this was my first show there. It’s a very cool space and it does in fact look like the place in Kill Bill where Uma Thurman kills all those school girls. Or whatever. Been a while since I saw Kill Bill. She kills people in that movie, right?

The review is posted now for your reading pleasure. 

Photo: Jed Egan



A) As mesmerizing as the Ricky Gervais/Steve Carrell bit was on the Emmys, the best part of the show was Steve Martin’s tribute to Tommy Smothers. (Mind you, only these two parts of the show were good. My feeling is that rather than sitting though this dreck, it would have been more entertaining watching the awards being given out at the technical ceremony a week earlier.) He is why people want to be a comedian. It doesn’t get any better than lines like “Being here tonight is a big thrill for me because as a kid I use to run home from school and get all dressed up and play 60th anniversary Emmy Awards.” The YouTube version is here, embedding not allowed, but it’s realllly funny and worth a watch.

B) We went to see Ghost Town this weekend – so good!  It was sweet and funny and dare I say our entire party admitted to misting up at a certain montage toward the film’s end. I mean, we went to see Jeff in it, but as it turned out, we totally didn’t need to sneak out of the theater after his part was done. And who knew that he would get a whole article written up about his character’s backstory today on NYMag…exciting! I swear he told me Naked Guy died in the shower, but his new personal history is more entertaining. Jeff Hiller Tells The World How He Died Naked.

DeVotchKa reviewed

The past few weeks have been full of Only In New York-style stories – JonFoss told a story about a rat running up a pant leg, Kate saw a man smoking a cigar while throwing up on the sidewalk, only to later notice he had thrown up at regular intervals all the way down the block. But last night I finally had my moment too. A man peed in my subway car. Not between trains, not over the subway platform, but between 50th and 59th street stations on the 1 train, while sitting in his seat, he unzipped and peed right there on the floor. He did not look homeless either (although who knows, homeless people have cell phones these days so anything is possible).

I was on my way to see DeVotchKa at Terminal 5 which I was reviewing, of course. Only for New York.

Tegan and Sara reviewed

I kinda get the feeling more and more than I am in every way a 14-year-old. Mostly this is because every show I go to these days has an equal number of adults and 14-year-olds in attendance – where are the parents? And how do these kids know about music? I was only into  Boyz II Men and Bohemian Rhapsody at 14, definitely not seeking out “indie” or “under the radar” bands. (Although the Boston Globe ran a list every week, maybe they still do, of the music charts including a foreign-sounding “College Rock” list that always featured stuff like The Stone Roses and The Cure which was over my head and sounded scary. Cure for what??! Oh God!) But anyway, I do feel like an old maid when I go to shows like Rilo Kiley and last night’s Tegan and Sara show – not that there were THAT many kids there (although some great parents brought a two-year-old…I just don’t get people [again, see “old maid” comment]) but I mean, seriously, when you were fourteen would your parents let you come to 56th street and 11th Ave.? It’s dangerous over there, what with all the BMW dealerships and all.

The review is online today and if you haven’t listened to The Con, you should, it’s excellent. High school sophomores everywhere would agree.

Ma Vie en Print

A week and a half ago, New York Magazine dispatched dozens of roving reporters into our city to cover loads of music shows, from Staten Island to the Bronx. I was one of them and I didn’t even have to leave my neighborhood. The feature runs in the week’s magazine, here’s a link. I attended the Hungry March Band show at a block party in Fort Greene and watched babies eat corn on a stick.

Photo montage taken from New York Magazine. Habana Outpost picture taken at 2:32pm by me.

Binary Solo!

I saw Flight of the Conchords last night at Town Hall. And so did Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins! They sat three rows in front of me, it was exciting, especially since Jemaine Clements made a reference to Rocky Horror. In my mind, I was all set to ask them for a picture so I could tell my dad I hung out with the two still-relevant stars of Bull Durham (we’re a baseball family after all) but that’s not the New York way. Leave our stars alone!

Anyway, the review is here.

Reduce, Reuse, Destroy

Last night (Happy belated Earth Day), Live Music Loving Companion and I headed back to North Brooklyn to check out Destroyer at the Music Hall of Williamsburg. We stopped in at the Surf Bar for a drink with show photographer Diana before the show started (At 11pm! Who does that? Liz Lemon Unapproved!). I’m pretty certain the Surf Bar is owned by the guy who faced off with Bobby Flay on the Throwdown chowder episode – I know you all know how Throwdown is Liz Black Unapproved because I find it unnecessarily mean and deceptive, see my post about the Doughnut Krishna – but alas, we only had beer and not chowder, but the sand-covered floors and surfboard decor was fun and the menu looked delicious so we plan to go back.

The review of the Destroyer show is up today…not a chatty bunch, those guys, but I swear the more you listen to their albums (I’m partial to Rubies (Destroyer’s Rubies?) and the recent Trouble in Dreams, mainly because I’ve listened to them constantly for a week), the more they will earworm their way into your heart.