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Field Music Interview

I got to interview Field Music for PopMatters back in March and the interview is finally posted! You may remember that back in January of 2006 I gave Field Music 3 and 3/4 out of 4 Cuddles-The-Mini-Seeing-Eye-Horses on a scale of adorability, so I was pretty excited to meet these guys. So excited that I let down my defenses and actually told them how charmed I was by them (insert all sorts of gushy compliments here), thereby destroying all my journalistic integrity and cool aloofness one in this particular field is probably supposed to have.

I was a little nervous during the interview because I borrowed Roommate Jeff’s iMemo or iNoteToSelf or whatever the recording thing is that you can attach to your iPod and I was paranoid that it wouldn’t work. Luckily it did work, I just have to remember to remove the interview from my iTunes. It’d be quite the party blunder if all of a sudden while my songs were playing randomly and “Don’t Stop Believin'” segues into “Test test…um…so, yeah, It’s nice to meet you – I’m really paranoid that this recorder won’t work, um so anyway like, you guys are musicians and stuff, huh?” That would be awkward city!
Anyway, enjoy!



more links than a sausage factory. well, one link. tiny factory.

Pop Matters’ year-end features included some best live event moments of the year, and I contributed. Look for my always important comments on fashion and Jenny Lewis here.

Pop Matters reviews….The Raconteurs

Jack White + Liz Black = A Gray(t) Time


Give ’em a listen, why doncha?

I don’t care what Bush thinks, Evolution is pretty awesome

And since I’ll be gone for the next 2 weeks, one last tidbit for you to savor in my absence, my review of Evolution, the Journey tribute band.

Pop Matters III.

Baby Dayliner croons his way into my heart.


Pop really does matter. Part II.

For a full review of the band I like to call “the best thing ever to happen to Kate Bush”, The Futureheads, click, like the Adam Sandler movie says.

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Pop really does matter. Part 1.

Today is the start of a relationship with Pop Matters which hopefully will not end in tears, self-loathing and an interest in dance therapy the way so many of my other relationships have. For my review of The Streets (and my new favorite rapping teenager Lady Sovereign), click away.