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It’s Official: The 90s Are The New 80s

TV Watching Companion and I have been dealing with the heat these past couple weeks the only way we know how – by staying indoors in the air-conditioning and watching the tee-vee. That’s pronounced TEE-vee.

Couple things we’ve watched: Heat, the 1995 Michael Mann cop film that was the first ever onscreen “showdown” (as it’s known…on the back of the DVD jacket) between Al Pacino and Robert DeNiro, and June 17, 1994, a movie on ESPN about all the crazy shiz that happened on that day in history, most significantly the OJ Simpson Bronco chase. Here’s what I learned from both of these things. People in the 1990’s were just as reckless with their fashion choices as people in the 1980’s and yet it’s the 80s that have the bad rap. Just look at these photos of Jeremy Piven, who had a minor role in Heat, and Keith Olbermann, whose mustache had a minor role on SportsCenter.

Were you ever aware that such magnificent men wore such magnificent mustaches? I was not. But it goes to show you that we, as a people, were not out of the bad-fashion woods even as late as 1995. You might think flannel was the only error in judgment we had then, but oh-ho-ho-ho NO sirs, you’re wrong.


Be specific.

This conversation just happened:

Television-watching/Disney nerd companion, after reading a Disney blog: “Hey, that guy from Law and Order was at Disney World today.”

Me: “Which one?”

TVW/DNC: “Anthony Anderson.”

Me: “See, you said ‘that guy from Law And Order‘ and there are at least 15 other guys from Law And Order I would have said before him.”

TVW/DNC: “Name them.”

Me: “Chris Meloni. Ice-T. Sam Waterston. Fred Thompson. B.D. Wong. Jeremy Sisto. Jesse L. Martin. Vincent D’Onofrio. Dann Florek (only I called him “the guy that’s J.K. Simmons but not” and I also didn’t spell his name with two n’s out loud). Richard Belzer. Jerry Orbach even though he can’t possibly be in Disney World right now. Chris Noth.”

That’s only twelve, but that’s because I forgot Paul Sorvino, Benjamin Bratt and Dennis Farina. And J.K. Simmons totally WAS on L&O at one point. And I would have thought of all of those people before remembering Anthony Anderson.