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I’ve been feeling really restless at work lately, basically because I’ve mentally checked out of my day job and I’m ready to move on to other things. I have such cool bosses that I feel bad feeling this way because it’s nothing personal. I feel like the way those depression commercials say you’ll feel – no hope, restless, sad all the time, but only for 8 hours a day. It’s strictly job-related, and it’s not quite depression so much as it’s general annoyance. And of course, once I jump on the subway, I leave it all behind. On the one hand I’m really lucky to have a job I don’t take home with me, but on the other, in my pure, guilty heart I feel bad feeling this way. I especially feel bad because the office itself is so cool. As I unwisely told my gay department head, “Our officer is gayer than Ugly Betty.” I meant that decor-wise, but also it’s pretty gay, population-wise too. Which works for me, I just don’t think it was the most diplomatic thing to say to the man who could dropkick me off the lucite, backlit bar in the office and out the door forever. (Seriously, lucite bar in the office. Not kidding.)

I’m so restless because I’m doing more work at VH1, writing about and recapping episodes of American Idol (the first one that’s been posted is here) and they’re creating a whole site for Idol which I’ll have a hand in, so that should be fun. I just wish I didn’t have to do my day job in addition to that. I’m having recession dreams where I choose to quit my job and live in (relative) poverty so that I can just be crafty all day and then write at night. I don’t think that’s practical. I’m starting to hate practical.

I’m enjoying this season of Idol even though I never religiously watched every episode in previous seasons. There sure are a disproportionate number of single mothers and crazy people who love singing, that’s for sure. Once the site launches, I’ll be sure to link away.


Jury Doody. Etc.

It’s Birthday Week in our house, today is my birthday, and Birthday Companion’s is tomorrow. We’re having a little party Friday. The only thing sullying an otherwise untarnished week is the fact that I have jury duty tomorrow, so I guess no heavy drinking for me tonight, gotta look alive! I’ve been following the police blotter (well, ok, NY1) to see what’s going on in the news in case I get put on a case. I’ve already determined that everyone in the recent news is guilty. So maybe I’m not the best juror? But some advice: don’t bring guns to clubs and don’t stab people over a $2 bus fare, recent New York newsmakers. If you do either of these things and then I am given the authority to judge you, then I’m sorry for what you’ve brought on yourself and I’ll show no mercy. Or you know, I might read a book tomorrow and then be let out at noon. Either way, I don’t have to go to work!

When it’s Birthday Week we go all out because how often do two Birthday Companions have birthdays one day apart? So we plan to go out to dinner almost every night this week. Monday we went to Hecho en Dumbo in, uh, Dumbo. It was insanely good Mexican food, if you ever find yourself down under the Manhattan Bridge overpass. We almost had to crawl home, we ate so many tacos, burritas, sopes, moletes, bistecs and flans. No joke, we got a sampler platter. We ate all of the above. Tuesday we went to Jack the Horse, which is a delicious neighborhood pubby type place, despite its filthy-sounding name. I got a blue cheese burger and a beer. It sounds ideal, doesn’t it? It was. Tonight I haven’t decided where to go, but Birthday Companion was right, it would not be crazy to pick a restaurant not in Brooklyn. After all, I hear Manhattan has some fine eateries. I’ll be sure to let you know how that all pans out. 

Finally, my gig recapping The Pickup Artist 2 is done, the last recap is here. That goes out to Amanda and Eliza and my cousin Heidi’s roommate, the only three people who, in the last eight weeks of recapping, admitted to watching the show. For your sakes, I hope you enjoyed it and I’m sorry it’s over.

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Pigs in Space? Anyone?

I actually just wanted a good title to make up for the lack of real content, here are a bunch of links to recaps from the past 2 weeks…

Last week’s Pickup Artist, last week’s interview and this week’s Pickup Artist. Enjoy! Or ignore!

More recaps

If you haven’t been watching VH1’s The Pick Up Artist, allow me to recap the most recent show for you…

Also, allow me to provide you a link to an interview with last week’s kasualty, Karl.


A new Pickup Artist recap is posted today!

I’d write more if I wasn’t feeling sick with a potential cold.

Also, congratulations to Jessica and James! Amazing couple, awesome wedding, gorgeous wedding dress, and way too many “signature mango martinis”. Well done, Easons.

Scary bits

I’m currently working on a few different things and for the first time in a while I’m genuinely busy. I mean, how will I ever get my Rock Band band (we’re called Nina Garcia) new clothes and a merch guy if I keep neglecting our gigs? Gah!

I remember being this busy when I was doing shows with Glennis and rehearsing till like 2 am and having to take mental health days from work because I was so tired. It’s not nearly as bad right now, but tonight I’m reviewing The Dears at Hiro Ballroom and all week I’ve been conducting interviews and writing recaps for everyone’s favorite VH1 show, The Pickup Artist 2, Even Pickuppier. The latest interview posted yesterday. It’s fun, but it’d be way funner if I didn’t have a day job on top of it. 


I also performed in Mortified’s special Halloween show this week (all the material was scary, only some of it intentionally so). Since it’s close to Halloween, I’ll leave you with this link to a hilarious, scary movie from one of the guys in Mortified, Scott Kravitz, (he made it when he was 11) and a picture I’ve posted before but never ceases to entertain:

Happy almost Halloween!

This and that

Tonight I’m performing in Mortified at Comix! You should come. If you want to hear a story I wrote for 10th grade English about the New Kids on the Block and a story about a witch who kidnaps two young lovers, this is your night. It’s a Halloween show, it’ll be scaaaary!

Also, another recap from everyone’s favorite reality show, The Pickup Artist 2, is up at VH1.

Also also, I interviewed the first contestant kicked off of the Pickup Artist here.