I Heart Brooklyn

Talking about Sahadi’s made me realize that I love Brooklyn a lot. And I’m not the only one. Posh and Becks love it enough to name their kid after it! Poor kid! And a Broadway musical was named after it. Many, many thanks to John Flynn for taking me to see that ear shattering hot mess way back in the day. I believe his selling point in getting me to go was that the orchestra was led by John McD, of “and the McDLT’s” fame. Oh, like you never saw an episode of The Rosie O’Donnell Show? There was a time when no one could avoid the Koosh.

So, I think the point I’m making is “Don’t name a thing after the place where I live because that thing will inevitably disappoint me”.

But anywayyouwantitthatsthewayyouneedit, I plan to support my local fellow Brooklyn crafty people by going to The Cobble Hill Design Fair featuring members of the Brooklyn Indie Market on Saturday.


If my Brooklyn Companion is agreeable enough, we might also hit the Red Hook Harvest Festival and the Gowanus Artists Studio Tour.

Many thanks to Dutch people and rich people for settling my favorite place. Many more thanks to my fireworks-loving landlord for shooting flammable objects into the night sky on any given day of the year. He brings to the area a much-needed grit and danger that you just don’t get from places like the Stinky Brooklyn cheese emporium and Area Baby.

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