Still Wishing I worked at the New York Post

I think two of my favorite REAL headlines are “Fairy Godfather” about a murdered gay mafioso (NY Post) and “Marky Mark and the Monkey Bunch”, an article about the premiere of Planet of the Apes (Boston Herald). But I still have a few more of my own. And since the odds of these things happening are slim, I have included headlines about people who have already died.

Maude Save the Queen – Bea Arthur rescues Nathan Lane from burning nightclub
Lemmon Pledge – Jack Lemmon seen showing allegiance to his flag and/or rushing a fraternity.
Hall and Oats – Days of Our Lives star Dierdre Hall and old dude Wilfred Brimley reunite for “Our House” special
Ginger Ail- Gilligan star Tina Louise falls ill
Jewel of Denial – Alaskan singer who lived in a van sees no problem with teeth
Schwimming to Cambodia – Friends star dedicates memorial statue to Spalding Gray
Best Bi – Former Beatle comes out of the closet
Halle-Burton – Catwoman and “Big Fish” Director team up for new project.

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